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The Israel Religious Action Center is now launching its first ever social action study tour. This tour option, specially designed for each group, is a fantastic collaboration between the expert Jewish educators and Israel tour providers of the Saltz Education Center and the social justice activists at IRAC. Scroll down to see more information. To see a sample itinerary or discuss creating a tour for your group up, please contact us directly.

If you want to include IRAC in your regular tour, IRAC staff are happy to give presentations on our legal and public policy work to visiting groups.

IRAC also has a half-day long "hands on" program with Keren B’Kavod, the humanitarian aid project of the Reform Movement in Israel. Groups learn about poverty in Israel and nutritional insecurity. After shopping in an Israeli market, participants pack boxes with the food they have purchased. These food packages are then distributed to families-in-need by Keren B’Kavod staff.

To book an IRAC presentation or hands-on program for your group, please contact us directly or through our website. Please be sure to contact us at least a month in advance of your trip to ensure availability. 

Please scroll down for more details.


A Reform Jewish Social Action Seminar in Israel

This seminar delves into the basis of the Jewish concern for a just society, then goes out into the streets of Jerusalem and Israel to turn that vision into a reality. Participants will meet and work together with the dedicated staff of the Israel Religious Action Center as well as other caring individuals. We will address the needs of the neglected and disenfranchised and participate in hands-on projects to make life better for the residents of this remarkable country. Learn about the often hidden plight of the poor, hungry and homeless and go beyond the statistics to encounter the real people involved; discover creative ways in which you can make a lasting difference while in Israel and back at home. Participants will learn and volunteer in a variety of on-site social action programs.

For more information, please contact us directly or through our website.


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