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IRAC's legal department works on behalf of freedom of religion and conscience, religious pluralism, and equal rights before. Originally initiated to win recognition and gain equal government funding for Reform & Conservative Judaism, IRAC’s legal department has since become experts on the issue of fair distribution of government funds for other minority groups as well as combating corruption. Other core issues include fighting racism, with special attention paid to the racist speech of state rabbis. To read more about these issues, scroll to the bottom of this page and select a topic.

IRAC also address threats of religious coercion as its goals include freedom from religion as much as freedom of religion. In this way, IRAC’s legal work now extends well beyond advocating for the rights of Reform Jews, and serves the greater public as the primary civil rights organization for religion and state issues in Israel.

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These Reform synagogue buildings (Kehilat Ma'alot Tivon in Kiryat Tivon left;
Kehliat YOZMA in Modi'in right) are among several that were provided
by the State as a result of IRAC's achievements toward recognition
for non-Orthodox Judaism in Israel.


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