Israel Religious Action Center
of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism

Interning with IRAC

The Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC), the legal and advocacy arm of the Reform Movement in Israel, offers year-round unpaid internships. Interns learn about many of the challenges facing Israeli society today and take an active role in IRAC’s efforts to build a more just, tolerant, and pluralistic Israeli society.

As an integral member of our resource development and overseas communications department, the intern participates in communicating IRAC’s vision and current activities to the Diaspora by helping write and produce content for IRAC’s newsletters, website, online social networks and blog. He/she will also gain experience in creating online petitions and letter writing campaigns, and participate in producing issue papers and press releases.   

In addition to working in the IRAC offices, interns will have the unique opportunity to observe IRAC’s staff arguing in the Supreme Court and lobbying in the Knesset. He/She will also be able to participate in Freedom Rides and engage in direct social action.

All internships are unpaid, but we devote a lot of time to training interns and providing valuable professional experience.

For more information regarding a year-round unpaid internship, please contact us.

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